1) How much time is needed for registering a private limited company in India?

If you have all the documents ready, it will take 10 working days. However, this is dependent on the ROC approval.

How many directors and shareholders are permissible?

A minimum of two and maximum of 15 directors. There can be anywhere from two to 200 shareholders.

3) What is a DSC?

The DSC – digitial signature certificate is an device issued by certifying authorities by which you can sign electronic documents.

4) How do I choose a name for a private limited company?

You need to first ensure that your company name has not already been taken. This can be done by checking the MCA and TMR website. However, if you're going to register the brand name, also check if it has already been trademarked. While framing your name, ensure that it has a unique component that you coin and a descriptive one that specifies the business you’re in.

5) What Is Memorandum Of Association & Articles Of Association?

The Companies Act requires all companies formed in India to submit documents that declare the capital structure of the business, the business it is into and how it is run, owned and governed. These details are contained in the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA).

6) Can Registered Office Changed After Incorporation Of Company

Yes, A company can change its registered office any time after the incorporation. The changed address can be situated within the same state or in a different state from the state in which it was originally registered.

7) How Do I Choose Name For The Company?

First ensure that company name is not similar to any other Private limited, OPC, LLP or Public limited company. Also, do check If your first is not a registered trademark taken by anybody under the IP act.Also, make sure the name is not too generic to be accepted by the ROC land also, try not to use abbreviations, adjectives.While choosing the name make sure that name should contain the objective of the business like if the objective is I then word is Technology, techno soft, IT consultancy. You can Check your company name from

8) What Is Director Identification Number (din)?

Any person intending to become director in a company must apply for director identification number, issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Proof of identity and address is required to be submitted along with requisite fee while submitting the application for DIN. If the documents are in order, the DIN is approved within 3-4 days. The approved DIN is valid for life and the same DIN can be used by the director, even if he/she has directorship in more than one company.

9) Can A Salaried Person Become The Director In Private Limited Company?

Yes, a salaried person can become the director in private limited company , but there should not any legal bondages with your employment agreement if it contains any restrictions on doing so.


The Process of Company Incorporation usually takes 15-20 working days.But some times due to extra work load of ROCs this times may be increases.


The cost of company registration can be divided into government and professional fees. With regard to government fees, each state has a fixed set of prices, but they are mostly common across India, barring Kerala, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, where they are much higher. Professional fees can, however, vary based on the legal talent you hire to get the job done for you.Our fees included all the govt. fees and professional fees

12) Whether I Need To Visit Your Office?

No, Company Registration process is online.You doesn’t need to come office. All the documentation part can be done through courier/speed post. If you wish to come & Visit our office you can come after taking an appointment with us.

13) Can I Register a company at my residential address ?

Yes, you can register a company at your residential address as having a commercial space is not necessary to get a company in India.

14) Can a salaried person become director of company ?

Yes, legally a salaried person can become a directory of a company. However, the terms and conditions mentioned in his/her employment agreement may have some clauses that might require an expert advice. We recommend you to speak to us before proceeding in order to make an informed and wise decision

15) Why to go for Private Limited Company?

  • 1.Easy Funding by equity distribution as same is not available in LLP or OPC
  • 2.Easy adding of Co-founder by sharing equity
  • 3.Best platform for Tax planning
  • 4.Best for long term vision of business
  • 5.Easily recognizable

16) What is Private Limited Company?

Private Limited Company is mode of registration of business set up in India. It gives you a separate legal entity for operating your business with your desired unique name which also get reserved during its registration. A body of central government of India known as Ministry of Corporate Affairs is looking after all affairs of company registration and its regular compliance.

17) What are the additional compliance for Private Limited Company?

Apart from regular compliance of Income Tax, all private limited companies are required to follow all compliance as per Companies Act, 2013. There are several compliance which is applicable after certain compliances. But some annual compliance to be follow by all private limited company i.e.

  • 1. Appointment of Auditor i.e. filing of ADT-1
  • 2. Annual Filing of company i.e. AOC-4(Financial of company) and MGT-7(Annual Return)

18) What are the documents required for private limited company registration?

  • 1. PAN card of each Director and Shareholder.
  • 2. Photographs of each Director and shareholder.
  • 3. ID Proof and Address proof of Director and Shareholder.
  • 4. Address proof of registered address of Company