Whether a Foreign National is competent to file patent application in India?

Yes. A Foreign National residing abroad is not prohibited from making an application and obtaining the grant of patent in India.

Can a Firm or a Company apply for a patent?

Yes. A Partnership firm, a Private or Public Ltd Company or a Corporation can apply for a patent. But they cannot invent and therefore cannot be termed as 'Inventor'. Hence such bodies can apply for patent as the assignee of the 'inventor' under the Indian Patents Act, 1970.

What are the stages for obtaining a patent?

i) Specification ii) Examination of application iii) Advertisement and acceptance of complete specification in the Patent Gazette. iv) Opposition to the grant of patent, if any. v) Grant and sealing of the patent...

How long does it take to grant patent?

At present on an average it takes about 3-4 years from the date of filing application.