One Person Company Registration

One Person Company Registration

We involved with a number of Company Registration India for start-up businesses, when setting up and registering a company/business there are several different legal structures available, if you’re looking to register a company, we’ve got all the information you need to help you about whether to form a limited company, partnership or as a sole proprietor.

The following are the various types of business may be set up as, a sole proprietor, as a partnership or as a limited liability partnership (LLP). Or limited liability company Each format has its advantages and disadvantages, we provides an expert service for all your company formation and company law requirements and there are more details about these types of companies

All the choices you make when starting a business, one of the most important is the type of legal structure you select for your company. Not only will this decision have an impact on how much you pay in taxes, it will affect the amount of paperwork your business is required to do, the personal liability you face and your ability to raise money

The following gives a brief guide to the various types of companies that can be incorporated in the india and their various principal characteristics.

The concept of One Person Company (OPC) in India was introduced through the Companies Act, 2013 to support entrepreneurs who wants to starting a venture by allowing them to create a single person entity. One of the biggest advantages of a OPC is that there can be only one member in a OPC, Similar to a Company, a OPC is a separate legal entity from its members, offers limited liability to its shareholders, has continuity of business and is easy to incorporate.

ONE PERSON COMPANY REGISTRATION: One Person Company registration in coimbatore can be FORMED in India with only 1 shareholders And it requires minimum one directors, and with minimum share capital. A one person company has the limited liability and separate legal entity. opc is a legal business entity that is registered and governed by the laws and rules laid down in the companies act 2013..