Digital Signature Certificate


Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature are required by Individuals, organization, bankers, foreign organization, foreigners & various government agencies and now is a statutory requirement in various applications. Embark Corpserv offers different class of certificates to help organization and individuals.

DSC or Digital Signature is a physical signature in electronic format. Digital Signatures are used in India for online transactions such as Filing Annual Return, Company or LLP Incorporation, Income Tax E-Filing, E-Tenders, etc. There are 3 types of digital Signatures, Class I, Class II and Class III Digital Signatures. Class I Digital Signature is used for securing email communications. Class II digital signature is utilized for company registrations, IT Return E-filing, Obtaining DIN, DPIN etc. Class III digital signature registration are used for E-tendering and participating in E-Auctions.

Validity-Digital Signatures usually comes with validity of one or two years and they can be easily renewed once validity expires.

  • E-token-Digital signature certificate are stored in a secure USB Flash Drive called E-Token.
  • Quick Processing-One can get DSC in very quick time of 1-3 days from date of submitting the application along with required documents.
  • Class II Digital Signatures-It is used for company, LLP registrations, IT Return E-filing etc.

Class III Digital Signatures-It is used mainly for E-Tendering and Participation in E-Auctions.

TYPES OF DSC / Certificates

There are 3 types of Digital Signature Certificates, having different security levels, namely:-

  • Class-1
  • Class-2
  • Class-3

For filing documents under mca21 a Class-2 Digital Signature Certificate issued by a Licensed Registration Authority is required. We also offer Class 1 and 3 besides Class 2 certificates


The DSC could only be used for Signing a document. The most popular usage is signing the PDF file for Tax Returns, MCA and other websites/documents.


The DSC would be used to Encrypt a document, it is popularly used in tender portal, to help your company encrypt the documents and upload.

You could also use the certificate to encrypt and send classified information.

Sign & Encrypt

You could buy both Sign & Encrypt DSC by using this category.

A Digital Signature is a method of verifying the authenticity of an electronic document. Digital signatures are going to play an important role in our lives with the gradual electronization of records and documents. The IT Act has given legal recognition to digital signature meaning, thereby, that legally it has the same value as handwritten or signed signatures affixed to a document for its verification. The digital signatures are now accepted at par with handwritten signatures and the electronic documents that have been digitally signed are treated at par with paper documents.


All the authorized signatories of company under MCA21 require Class-2Digital Signature Certificate.

Similarly any document filed by CA/CS/CWA & TAX PRACTIONERS underMCA21 requires Class-2 DigitalSignatureCertificate.

Under MCA21 Every person who is required to sign manual documents and returns filed with ROC is required to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). Accordingly following have to obtain Digital Signature Certificate:

  • Directors
  • Auditors
  • Company Secretary - Whether in practice or in job.
  • Bank Officials - for Registration and Satisfaction of Charges
  • Other Authorized Signatories.

Who could buy certificate?

There is no limitation on who could buy our certificates, people and organization from India and outside India can buy our certificates, provided they meet CA Verification Guidelines. Please look at our list below to select an appropriate application form.

  • Individuals
  • Organization
  • Foreign Individuals
  • Foreign Organization
  • Document Signer Certificate
  • IE/ DGFT Certificates

Use of Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate can be used to access secured zones of web sites where member login is required, surpassing the requirement of entering the user name and password. It insures by means of verification and validation that the user is whom he/she claims to be. This is done by combining the users credential to the digital certificate and in turn this method uses one point of authentication. Digital certificates ensure confidentiality and ensure that messages can only be read by authorized intended recipients. Digital certificates also verify date and time so that senders or recipients can not dispute if the message was actually sent or received.

Documents Recquired

Proof of identity, a self attested copy of PAN Card. Valid Active PAN with the Income Tax Department. Proof of residence - Any one, a self attested copy of latest bill: WATER / ELECTRICITY / POWER / TELEPHONE / CREDIT CARD or VOTER’S ID CARD / DRIVING LICENSE/PASSPORT in the applicant’s name for address confirmation.

Why USB e-token ?

Information about Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) resides in certificate section of Internet Options of computer system but keeping DSC details on computer system in this way has the following draw backs:

  • It can be misused by unauthorized person.
  • If the computer system fails or internet explorer is changed DSC is lost.